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About Us

NewLine - I. Charalabides & CO

Chemical Products - Cleaning Solutions

The New Line company was founded in 1965 and is the first company to create a complete range of specialized cleaners, both for professional and private use.


Today, 59 years later, her vision is becoming a reality and more than 70 of the company's products occupy a leading position in the market, providing reliable and quality solutions.

New Line products are available in more than 2,500 points of sale in Greece and Cyprus, having won the trust of even the most demanding consumer.

They are produced and packaged in our facilities, thus ensuring their controlled quality.


In the context of the safe use of the products, we follow and faithfully apply the safety rules of the European Union. Harmonizing to the spirit of the times and the directives of Greek and International legislation, we joined the ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system which ensures the constant quality of the company's products and operations.

The effective use and excellent quality of our products is the result of the use of primary raw materials that we supply from the largest chemical production houses in the USA and Western Europe.

In these days where the need for a cleaner environment is imperative, we have taken all the necessary measures so that our products do not burden it.


Our research team consisting of leading chemists, constantly improves existing products and designs new ones, which are missing from the market based on modern needs.


New Line thanks all of you who have shown confidence in its products, supported its efforts and visions, as a result of which it has established itself among the leading companies in the field.

 Quality certificate EQA Hellas ISO 9001:2015

New Line, in confirmation of its quality and specifications and faithful to the instructions of Greek and International legislation, has joined the ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, which ensures the constant quality of the company's products and operations. This specific certification and its requirements, cover the entire range of an organization's activities from the design and development of new products and services, to after-sales service.

  Active participation in recycling HELLENIC RECOVERY COMPANY

Our company, proving its environmental sensitivity, has been included since 1/1/2011 in a collective system of alternative packaging management, therefore it also has the legal use of the green mark, which is present on all its packaging. Through this process, it is ensured the recycling of our product packaging. Recycling today is an important priority and obligation of every society that actually contributes to the improvement of living conditions.

Especially in the European Union, the goal is for recycling to become part of the daily life of all citizens and community partners. Participating in recycling is a way of life with undeniable benefits for the environment and a necessary condition for maintaining the ecological balance of our planet.

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